our process


After being dried, cured and put into sealed barrels it needs to be extracted. For any of our products that are ingested or used as a topical there is a step needed to make it absorbable by the body. The hemp is heated in a vacuum oven to convert the CBDA to CBD.  This process is called Decarboxylation.  Not only does this process make the CBD more readily absorbed it also sterilizes the hemp and removes any remaining moisture to prepare it for extraction.


After the hemp is prepared we move on to our extraction process.  Our method for extraction uses a simple and readily available gas, CO2. This is the safest and cleanest way to extract organic oils from plants. The hemp is placed in a pressure vessel where liquid CO2 is heated and pressurized into what is called it critical state. The equipment we utilize is capable of both supercritical and sub-critical methods. CO2 extraction equipment is expensive and complicated to use, but the results are the highest possible quality oil that isn’t possible with other conventional methods. Most of our products are made from the oil that comes right out of the CO2 extractor. No extra steps are necessary to mix it into a final product.


When a higher concentration of CBD or any other cannabinoid is desired we can remove the waxes that are extracted with the oils.  The oil is dissolved in pure ethanol and brought down to -30 degrees. After freezing the solution, the wax crystalizes and is then filtered out.  After it is filtered the ethanol is evaporated off in a vacuum environment and is recaptured for use. This increases the potency of the oil and lowers its viscosity. 

This is the only step in our processes that we use ethanol and we use less than a gallon at a time. Unlike other companies that can use hundreds of gallons of ethanol in their extraction and winterization process.


To make the purest cannabinoids distillation is required. Our process utilizes thin film wiped molecular distillation. The oil is heated in a vacuum environment and spread across the inside of a heated glass cylinder. This isolates the terpenes that create the flavor and smell present in the CBD oil. It also removes any remaining plant sugars or starches. This creates a very high potency distillate and has almost no taste or smell. 

Z-HC: Zero Hydrocarbon

Our products labeled with Z-HC represent our Zero Hydrocarbon process. 

No hexane, heptane, ethanol or propane were used in the making of our Z-HC labeled products.

From start to finish these products are created without the use of hydrocarbons or hydrocarbon derivatives. 

The oil comes out of the CO2 extractor and is formulated directly into products. 

This requires less processing and fewer steps to create for you the highest quality, full-spectrum products available.