welcome to green county hemp

To make a premium extract you need to start with quality plants. 

Our hemp products are produced in a clean and sanitary process.
All final products are third-party tested before distribution to ensure transparency and accurate dosages.

We believe in small-batch creations so we can monitor quality. 

Madison Extracts offers total seed-to-sale solutions for industrial-scale hemp processing, manufacturing, drying and storage, as well as white-label goods. Madison Extracts produces Green County Hemp and Season products!


At Green County Hemp, we take pride in growing our hemp on organic certified land, as well as processing the product in our organic certified production facilities.

Therefore, when you are looking for 100% organic CBD, you can be sure to find it with us.

We believe in small batch creations with a high attention to detail and quality, thereby increasing our productivity and reducing the likelihood of error.

All of the oils we produce and mix into products have been extracted with CO2.

We believe CO2 extraction is the cleanest and safest way to extract oils from plants. The equipment is expensive and complicated to run, but the results are a superior product. 

CO2 is nonflammable and inert unlike extraction methods that utilize ethanol or propane. It is safer to use and doesn’t require heavy processing techniques to remove the hydrocarbon solvents after extraction. 



Green County Hemp Customer


Green County Hemp Customer


Green County Hemp Customer