about us

Green County Hemp takes great pride in being one of the first actual extraction labs in Wisconsin.  This means our hemp is not only grown and dried locally but is also extracted, using CO2, in our Green County Facility (and will soon be manufactured in our corporate offices in Madison Wisconsin)

Green County Hemp was started with a simple goal…to help the people in the community we love.

We passionately believe in CBD’s natural comprehensive support of both the mind and body. That is why we are excited to provide the highest quality CBD products that our clients can use as a wellness tool.

Staying local has allowed our companies to vertically integrate to help our communities and maintain natural and ethical processing for our plants.

Across the industry, there are a variety of extraction methods used.  While many companies use ethanol to process hemp, we use CO2 in our extraction process. CO2 is not only more sustainable for the environment but produces a cleaner product to provide consistently clean quality to our customers.

Our top priority here at Green County Hemp is to ensure outstanding CBD products to our community. That is why we provide complete transparency by having our oil tested by a third party lab to certify that our oil maintains the highest purity with a full spectrum cannabinoid and terpene profile.

You can put your trust in Green County Hemp; we utilize growing practices that are natural and ethical with the goal to bring you the highest quality CBD products.